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3 Environmental Artists from Niagara

St Catharines, Ontario native, of global fame, Edward Burtynsky has demonstrated the potential of art to bring attention to environmental issues, as anyone who attended his 2018 exhibition, Anthropocene, at the AGO can attest.

A recent article by @TheBrockPress , Art and climate change: an unlikely duo reminded me of the power of the Burtynsky exhibit and brought to my attention three Niagara based environmental artists; J.E. Simpson, Brianne Casey (@bcaseyarts) & Elizabeth Chitty.

J.E. Simpson is a sculptor and tree branch whisperer who works with mechanical pieces as well as found tree branches. Less subtle messaging can be found in the explosive paintings of fourth year Brock student Brianne Casey.

And one of the most striking points of the Brock Press article described award winning, interdisciplinary artist, Elizabeth Chitty’s break from her usually non-didactic tone to an open and repeated call to action in Guardian of Niagara, 2007, 2009 and 2018. It seems to me that now is the time for artistic voices to turn up the volume, because some things you just know.

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