• Karen Cantello

Quid Pro Snow - Canada Style

It's 7:00 am and snowing, so, naturally, I'm putting on my boots to go out and get the sidewalk in front of my house clear for morning commuters, only to find....

that my western neighbour has not only shoveled the walk in front of my drive, but also the place on HER drive where WE TRESPASS to enter our car. I love her SO hard for this. And joyously I shovel my eastern neighbour's sidewalk ; this being a "two-fer" as my neighbour to the north parks his car there.

This scenario has played out every snowfall for the last 15 years. Between the 4 of our households we represent at least 10 different settler nations, but everyone has to get out and shovel. It is our beautiful snow that helps bring us together. #keepitsnowinginCanada, #globalwarming, #climatechange, #environmentalart, #digitalart